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Dojo Daycare
written and illustrated by Chris Tougas

The Master of Dojo Daycare has his hands full with six little ninjas who are ready to raise a ruckus.


Year Book Image Title / Author /Illustrator Call #

Papa's Mechanical Fish
written by Candace Fleming

illustrated by Boris Kolikov

In the summer of 1851, with encouragement and ideas provided by his family, an inventor builds a working submarine and takes his family for a ride. Includes notes about Lodner Phillips, the real inventor on whom the story is based.


Year Book Image Title / Author /Illustrator Call #

Mister Whistler
written by Margaret Mahy

illustrated by Gavin Bishop

Mister Whistler always has a song in his head and a dance in his legs. But when he has to catch the train, he is so distracted he loses his ticket - and has to dance his way out of his clothes to find it!

E Mah

Year Book Image Title / Author /Illustrator Call #
2013 Magritte's Marvelous Hat
written by D.B. Johnson

Belgian painter René Magritte, cast here as a dog, sees in a shop window a “marvelous hat” that appears to float above his head. He buys the hat, and it floats above his head wherever he goes. The two play games, traipsing in and around the streets of Paris, and the hat proves to be substantial artistic inspiration as well.

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E Joh

Year Book Image Title / Author /Illustrator Call #
2012 Holler Loudly
written by Cynthia Leitich Smith
illustrated by BarryGott

Unable to be quiet since he was born, Holler Loudly only gets louder as he grows up which gets him in trouble at school, the library, and the movie theater, but when a tornado threatens the state fair, Holler's voice may save the day.

Cynthia Leitich Smith's blog
Our SMBA art winners are included in Ms. Smith's blog!

E Smi
Year Book Image Title / Author /Illustrator Call #
2011 Chester
written and illustrated by Mélanie Watt

As the author/illustrator attempts to create a picture book about a mouse in a house, her rotund feline. Chester sends the mouse packing and attempts to rewrite the story with his handy red marker.

E Wat
2010 Jin Jin the Dragon
written and illustrated by Grace Chang

Jin Jin the dragon does not know what kind of creature he is, so he embarks on a journey, assisted by other animals he meets along the way, to find Old Turtle and Crane, who will help him learn his identity. Includes information about Chinese writing and the place of the dragon in Chinese lore.

E Cha
2009 Skunkdog
written by Emily Jenkins and illustrated by Pierre Pratt

Dumpling, a lonely dog with no sense of smell, moves with his family to the country and makes a new friend who takes some getting used to.

E Jen
2008 Stick
written and illustrated by
Steve Breen

An independent young frog goes on a wild adventure when he accidentally gets carried away by a dragonfly.

E Bre
2007 Not Afraid of Dogs
written by Susanna Pizer
illustrated by Larry Day

Young Daniel must confront his fear of dogs when his mom dog sits his aunt's pet.

E Pit
2006 Mutt Dog
written and illustrated by
Stephen Michael King

A lonely dog finally finds a home after he makes friends with a woman who works at a homeless shelter.
The Children's Book Council of Australia -- Honour book., St. Mary's Book Award 2006

E Kin
2005 Superdog : the heart of a hero
written by Caralyn Buehner and
illustrated by Mark Buehner

Tired of being overlooked because he is so small, a big-hearted dog named Dexter transforms himself into a superhero.
St. Mary's Book Award Winner 2005.

E Bue
2004 Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook
written and illustrated by Michael Garland

When the new teacher, Miss Smith, reads to her class, Zack and his classmates are amazed to find that the storybook characters come to life.

E Gar
2003 Angelo
written and illustrated by David Macaulay

While restoring the front of a church, an old plasterer rescues several injured pigeons and nurses them back to health.

E Mac
2002 The Tale of the Tricky Fox
written by Jim Aylesworth and
illustrated by Barbara McClintock

Tricky Fox uses his sack to trick everyone he meets into giving him ever more valuable items.

E Ayl
2001 The Jazz Fly
written by Matthew Gollub and
illustrated by Karen Henke

Jazz Fly, looking for directions to town, recreates the answers he receives from a frog, a hog, a donkey, and a dog, in his night club act.

AE Gol
2000 Cook-a-Doodle-Doo!
written and illustrated by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel

With the questionable help of his friends, Big Brown Rooster manages to bake a strawberry shortcake which would have pleased his great-grandmother, Little Red Hen.

E Ste