Sakura Medal

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What is the Sakura Medal?

Who started the Sakura Medal and how were the books selected for the list?

Guidelines for Participation

  1. Students in 4th and 5th grade must read at least five Sakura Medal Chapter books.
    Reading Deadlines:
    December 14th : 2 books
    February 8th : 4 books
    March 8th : 5 books
  2. Students will be given the list of Sakura Medal short listed books and may borrow copies from the Elementary Library (multiple copies available), other libraries or read their own copies.
  3. For every 5 or 3 books read, each student can place one vote at the end of the program. For example, if a student reads 10 books in the picture book category, he is entitled to place two votes.
  4. Students will be asked to keep a log of the Sakura Medal short listed books they have read. These logs will be kept in the Elementary Library and students can refer to them when it is time to vote.
  5. Students will vote for their favorite book in April. The winning book will then be announced and the author will be awarded the Sakura Medal.


    ←Winning books have this sticker on the book cover.

    Sakura Medal Book Winner list


Which schools in Japan are participating in the Sakura Medal Program?

What is the Sakura Art Contest?

How can I find out more about the Sakura Medal Program?

    If you have any other questions about the program, please contact Ms. Hays in the Elementary Library, Monday to Friday, 8:15-4:15.