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  • Read like a Ninja Summer Reading Challengenew
  • 2017 All Japan Sakura Art Winnernew
  • 2017 SMBA Winner
  • Book Bowl Round 4 Score

  • Holly Thompson
  • Author Visit for RP to Grade 3 on Nov. 24

  • Shinoharu Tatekawa
  • Rakuto Speaker Visit for Grade 4 to 6 on Nov.30

  • 4th and 5th grades begins Sakura Medal Reading Program on Octber 19th.
  • Book Bowl Infomation can find here.
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    Summer Checkout Invitation

  • Congratulations to Issac, 5B
    won All-Japan Sakura Medal Art Contest

  • 2016 Summer Reading :
    Awaken the Force-Read
  • Team 5 and 9 are Official Book Bowl Team
  • Sakura Medal Book Bowl Round 3 Score G4 and 5
  • Sakura Medal Art Contest G2 to 5
  • Sakura Medal Book Bowl Round 2 Score G4 and 5
  • Winter checkout : parents can checkout 30 books
  • Door Contest Winners 1T, 3C and 5W
  • Sakura Medal Book Bowl G4 and 5
  • Sakura Medal Information 2016 G2 to G5
    Sakura Medal 2016
    Flyer grades 2 and 3 grade

    Sakura Medal 2016
    Flyer grades 4 to 5

  • Reading Celebration Day Oct.9
    Free Dress Day
    announcement the Door Contest Winners & Bookface photo contest
    Drop Everything And Read 
  • Summer Reading Log

  • You will be able to read (and be read) a brand new TumbleBook every day of the year!!

  • Author visits on May 12th
    Katie Van Camp

  • St. Mary’s Finalists for the 2015 All-Japan Sakura Medal Art Contest
    English Picture Books:
    Takeru O., 3A Yuki S., 2N Kaito S., 3C
    English Chapter Books:
    Jingu K., 4S Richard F., 5M Kanan N., 5W
    English Graphic Novels:
    Ren I., 4S Puria E, 4L Kijun L., 5L
    Japanese Picture Books:
    Kaito S., 3C Hiromasa I., 3A Se Ji C., 5B
    Japanese Chapter Books:
    Nathaniel T., 2N Kenta P., 5M Kaito S., 3C