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New Books

The twelve days of Christmas, by Jan Brett
E Bre
Beautifully illustrated board book of the classic Christmas song.

Who's that knocking on Christmas Eve?, by Jan Brett
E Bre

A boy from Finnmark and his ice bear help scare away some hungry trolls so that Kyri and her father can enjoy their Christmas Eve meal.

Christmas in the Barn, by Margaret Wise Brown
E Bro
Lyrical text relates the birth of a child in a barn among the animals, with illustrations which depict the barn and people of a present-day farm.

D. W.'s perfect present, by Brown, Marc
E Bro

Merry Christmas to you Blue Kangaroo!, by Emma Chichester Clark
E Chi

Guess Who's Coming to Santa's for Dinner?, by Tomie dePaola
A houseful of relatives turns "Mrs. C" and Santa's Christmas into a string of surprises, from the arrival of a pet polar bear to Cousin James B.'s flaming plum pudding.

Wombat Divine, by Mem Fox
E Fox

Santa's Stuck, by Rhonda Gowler Greene
E Gre
When Santa becomes stuck in the chimney of a house on Christmas Eve, the dog, the cat, the reindeer, and a mouse try to free him.

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, illustrated by Steven Kellogg
E Kel
A little bear has just returned from visiting Santa at the North Pole. Armed with insider information, he uses the familiar words of this Christmas song to warn the children that they need to behave themselves as Santa is on his way. Fantastic colorful, high energy illustrations add to this great book.

My Penguin Osbert, by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
E Kim
When a boy finally gets exactly what he wants from Santa, he learns that owning a real penguin may not have been a good idea after all.

A Christmas Like Helen's, by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
E Kin
In this gentle book the author describes what Christmas would have been like for her grandmother, living on a farm in Vermont before there were cars, electricity, or telephones. This lovely book might inspire adults to share their own family stories with their children.

Shall I knit you a hat? by Kate Klise
E Kli
When Mother Rabbit knits a warm winter hat for Little Rabbit, he likes it so much that he suggests they make hats for all their friends as Christmas gifts.

A Confused Hanukkah, by Jon Koons
E Koo
Hanukkah is fast approaching in the village of Chelm, but the Rabbi is away. Unfortunately, not one of the villagers remembers how Hanukkah is supposed to be celebrated. So they send Yossel, a simple young man, to the neighboring village to learn what he can. Yossel makes a wrong turn and ends up in the wrong village, but he does find the people celebrating a holiday. The question is: is it the right holiday? 
This original story, based on the legendary town of fools should appeal to all faiths.

Santa's Twin
by Dean Koontz
E Koo
Santa's Twin is the hilarious story of two little girls, Charlotte and Emily, who set out to save Santa from his mischievious twin, Bob Claus, who has not only stolen Santa's sleigh, but has stuffed his toy bag with mud pies, cat poop, and broccoli! Plus, he's threatening to turn Donner, Blitzen and the rest of the reindeer into soup! And look at the mess he's leaving under the tree! 
A very funny story by the famous adult author Dean Koontz that has received great reviews - check it out!

Robot Santa: the further adventures of Santa's Twin
by Dean Koontz
E Koo

The Claus family's bad seed, Bob, is back and dishing out a second helping of holiday havoc and headaches for his twin brother, Santa.  After his defeat at the hands of the two brave sisters, Bob has worked hard to redeem himself in Santa's eyes. Unfortunately Bob's spare time has been spent secretly building a robot Santa Claus. Super Santa One was designed to help Santa halve his delivery time, but Bob has left a screw loose on his creation (several screws, actually), and this Christmas Eve, a badly malfunctioning robot Santa Claus is coming to town.

Christmas gifts, by O'Keefe, Susan Heyboer and Emery, Jennifer

SantaKid, Patterson, James and Garland, Michael
E Pat
Young Chrissie, daughter of Santa and Mrs. Claus, describes her enviable life at the North Pole–until Christmas is bought out by Exmas Express and Santa's workshop is run like a business, with predictably disastrous results. When her father becomes dispirited and can't make his usual rounds, Chrissie takes over and saves the day.

Henry and Mudge and a very Merry Christmas, by Rylant, Cynthia and Stevenson, Suçie
ER Ryl
At Christmastime Henry and his dog Mudge enjoy baked treats, visits from relatives, lots of presents, and each other.

How Santa Really Works, by Alan Snow
E Sno

Have you ever wondered how Santa knows exactly when you fall asleep? Does he really have time to check if every single child's been naughty or nice? And maybe more important, what do the naughty kids actually end up with? These are but a few of the questions you've never had answers for...until now. How Santa Really Works is the real scoop on how Santa does what he does so well.

Santa's Littlest Helper, by Anu Stohner
E Sto
Every year Santa's littlest helper makes wonderful presents for the children, bakes delicious cookies, and shines his sleigh...and every year the biggest helper tells him no, he can't go with the others to help Santa deliver presents. He's just too small. But one year the littlest one overhears the animals in the forest complain that they never get Christmas presents-and he knows just what to do. The other helpers are so proud they name him Santa to the animals for every year to come.

The Polar Express Movie Tie-in Books:
The journey begins, Richards, Kitty and Van Allsburg, Chris.
ER Van

The magic journey, West, Tracey and Van Allsburg, Chris
E Van

Trip to the North Pole, by Weiss, Ellen and Van Allsburg, Chris
PE Van


Room for a little one - A Christmas Tale, by Martin Waddell
E Wad
Kind Ox welcomes Old Dog, Stray Cat, Small Mouse, Tired Donkey, and finally the baby Jesus into his stable on the First Christmas night. A gentle story with lovely, warm illustrations.

The Teacher's Night Before Christmas
The Principal's Night Before Christmas
by Steven L Layne
E811.54 Lay

These stories give a great twist on the Christmas classic 'The night before Christmas' and  portray the chaos that is so true in the classroom during  the last few days before Christmas vacation. Great read for teachers!



Easy Books

E Auc          The nutquacker, by Mary Jane Auch
Clara the duck is so impatient to discover the farm animals' secret of Christmas that she puts herself in danger and almost misses the party.

E Aut          Here comes Santa Claus, by Gene Autry (Christmas music)
Santa Claus is riding down Santa Claus Lane tonight with toys for all girls and boys.

E Bro          Arthur's perfect Christmas, by Marc Brown
Even without snow, turkey dinner and a perfect tree, Arthur and his family and friends have a wonderful Christmas--and Hanukkah--celebration.

E Car          Dream snow, by Eric Carle
In this musical and sound effects book, a farmer celebrates Christmas after the first snowfall.

E DeP         Four friends at Christmas, by Tomie De Paola
Mister Frog is usually asleep at Christmas time, but this year his good friends make sure that he has a wonderful holiday.

E Eva           The Christmas candle, by Richard Evans
On Christmas Eve, Thomas buys a magical candle that changes the way he views his fellow human beings and helps him feel charity for those less fourtunate than he.

E Fri             The Easter bunny that overslept, by Priscilla Friedrich
Having slept past Easter, the Easter bunny tries to distribute his eggs on Mother's Day, the Fourth of July, and Halloween, but no one is interested. At Christmas time it is Santa who gets him back on track.

E Joh            Harold at the North Pole: a Christmas journey with the purple crayon
With the aid of his purple crayon, Harold goes to the North Pole to get Santa ready for his journey.

E Kre           How Santa lost his job, by Stephen Krensky
Frustrated by Santa's slowness at Christmastime, Muckle the elf creates a mechanical replacement called the Deliverator and proposes a series of contests to prove that it can do Santa's job better than he can.

E Lon          Froggy's best Christmas, by Jonathan London
Froggy experiences his first Christmas, celebrating it with his friends and family.

E McC         How the reindeer got their antlers, by Geraldine McCaughrean
Ashamed of his crown of antlers, the reindeer retreats to the lonely northern wastelands, but many years later his descendants find their antlers useful when they help Santa Claus one Christmas Eve.

E Num         If you take a mouse to the movies, by Laura Numeroff
Taking a mouse to the movies can lead to letting him do other things, such as making a snowman, listening to Christmas carols, and decorating the Christmas tree.

E Old           My two Grandmothers, by Effin Older
After Lily celebrates Chanukah with one of her grandmothers and Christmas with the other, she plans a special party for both of them.

E Pry            Merry Christmas, Amanda and April, by Bonnie Pryor
Trying her best to be good before Christmas, Amanda Pig does an errand for her mother and is helped by her little sister April.

E San          The Christmas ark, by Robert San Souci
A Christmas Eve journey with a nautical Santa on his gift-laden ark uplifts the heart of a lonely girl.

E Sca          Richard Scarry's Mr Fixit's mixed-up Christmas!, by Richard Scarry
When the people of Busytown ask Mr. Fixit to decorate various places in town for Christmas, he is only too happy to help, even if he is never quite sure what ornaments would be appropriate. (pop-up book)

E Sne         Twelve days: a Christmas countdown, by Gordon Snell
In this adaptation of the traditional English folk song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," a child's parents provide an increasing number of items to decorate a little pine tree.

E Tur          Silent night, by Sandy Turner
Santa tries to deliver presents on Christmas Eve, but he is hindered by a very vocal dog who will not stop barking, woofing, and yapping.

E Woo          The Christmas adventure of Space Elf Sam, by Audrey Wood
On his way to deliver Christmas presents to space colony Alpha One, Space Elf Sam crash lands on the planet Gom, where he shows the Gommers what Christmas is all about.

E Wor          How the Grinch got so grinchy, by Bonnie Worth
The story of how unkind treatment and an unhappy Christmas turned the Grinch into a mean-spirited fellow who plagued the Whos. (Based on the movie)

ER Caz        Minnie and Moo: the night before Christmas, by Denys Cazet
When Minnie and Moo discover that the Farmer has, once again, forgotten where he hid the children's Christmas presents, they use Clement Moore's famous poem as a how-to book and deliver the gifts themselves.

ER McM       Fluffy, the secret Santa, by Kate McMullen
At Christmastime Fluffy the class guinea pig discovers that he likes both getting presents and giving them.

E Ada          The Christmas party, by Adrienne Adams.

E Ali           Christmas tree memories, by Aliki.

E Amb        Santa Claus snowed under! by Victor and Glenys Ambrus.

E And         The fir tree, by Hans Christian Andersen.

E Aok         The Christmas story by Father Christmas, by Hisako Aoki.

E Bar         A taxi dog Christmas, by Debra and Sal Barracca.

E Bar          Christmas comes to Monster Mountain, by John Barrett.

E Bau         Three kings, by Kurt Baumann.

E Ber         The Berenstain Bears meet Santa Bear, by Jan & Stan Berenstain.

E Ber         The donkey's dream, by Barbara Helen Berger.

E Bir           Gumdrop's Merry Christmas, by Val Biro.

E Bla         The smallest Christmas tree, by Peggy Blakeley.

ER Bon         Twelve bells for Santa, by Crosby Bonsall. (Easy Reader)

E Bon          Paddington Bear and the Christmas surprise, by Michael Bond.

E Bow          Teddy's Christmas, by Pete Bowman.

E Bre         A wish for wings that work, by Berkeley Breathed.

E Bre          Christmas trolls, by Jan Brett.

E Bri         The complete Father Christmas, by Raymond Briggs.

E Bri        Father Christmas, by Raymond Briggs.

E Bri        Father Christmas goes on holiday, by Raymond Briggs.

E Bri        The snowman, by Raymond Briggs.

E Bri        Clifford's Christmas, by Norman Bridwell

E Bro          Arthur's Christmas, by Marc Brown.

E Bro         A pussycat's Christmas, by Margaret Wise Brown.

E Bro         Baby Jesus like my brother, by Margery Wheeler Brown.

E Bru         The Christmas book, by Dick Bruna.

E Bun          December, by Eve Bunting.

E Bun         Night tree, by Eve Bunting.

E Bur         Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas present, by John Burmingham.

E Cha         Merry Christmas, Harry, by Mary Chalmers.

E Cha         Santa makes a change, by Sol Chaneles.

E Cia          Carlos, light the farolito, by Jean Ciavonne.

E Col        A small miracle, by Peter Collington.

E Com       Happy Christmas to all!, by Ken Compton.

E Coo        Danny and the kings, by Susan Cooper.

E Dal          Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, by Eileen Daly.

E Day          Carl's Christmas, by Alexandra Day.

E Den         The Christmas boot, by Kady M. Denton.

E DeP          Country angel Christmas, by Tomie de Paola.

E DeP         The family Christmas tree book, by Tomie de Paola.

E DeP         The friendly beasts, by Tomie de Paola.

E DeP         Get dressed, Santa! by Tomie de Paola.

E DeP          Jingle, the Christmas clown, by Tomie de Paola.

E DeP         Merry Christmas, Strega Nona, by Tomie de Paola. 

E Dev          Cranberry Christmas, by Wende Devlin.

E Dix         Merry Birthday, Nora Noel, by Ann Dixon.

E Don          Dinosaurs' Christmas, by Liza Donnelly.

E Dub         Pigs at Christmas, by Arlene Dubanevich.

E Ega          Santa's Christmas ride, by Louise Betts Egan.

E Eis           A visit to Christmas land, by Armond Eisen.

E End         Six snowy sheep, by Judith Ross Enderle.

E Ets         Nine days to Christmas, by Marie Halls Ets.

E Fac          Summer, by June Factor.

E Far         All those mothers at the manger, by Norma Farber.

E For         Poor Gabriella, by Victoria Forrester.

E For          Ben's Christmas Carol, by Toby Forward.

E Gam         Wake up,'s Christmas, by Stephen Gammell.

E Gan         Rotten Ralph's rotten Christmas, by Jack Gantos.

E Gan         The Christmas train, by Ivan Gantchev.

E Gar         The animals' Christmas, by Catharine Gardam.

E Gar          Fair's fair, by Leon Garfield.

E Geo          Christmas at Long Pond, by William T. George.

E Gik         Baby Kermit's Christmas, by Louise Gikov.

E Gom         Santa through the window, by Taro Gomi.

E Gre         Why a donkey was chosen, by Christopher Gregorowski.

E Gub         The carolers, by Georgia Guback.

E Hal         The three beggar kings, by R.H. Hall.

E Haz          Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, by Barbara Shook Hazen.

E Haz         The story of Santa Claus, by Barbara Shook Hazen.

E Hea          Sofie's role, by Amy Heath.

E Hil            Spot's first Christmas, by Eric Hill.

E Hob          Arthur's Christmas cookies, by Lillian Hoban. (Easy Reader)

E Hob         Jim Hedgehog's supernatural Christmas, by Russell Hoban.

E Hob         The mole family's Christmas, by Russell Hoban.

E Hof         The story of Christmas, by Felix Hoffman.

E Hol          Angelina's Christmas, by Katharine Holabird.

E Hol         The Christmas cat, by E.T. Holmes.

E Hoo         The mighty Santa Fe, by William H. Hooks.

E How          Chita's Christmas tree, by Elizabeth F. Howard.

E How         The fright before Christmas, by James Howe.

E Hug         Lucy & Tom's Christmas, by Shirley Hughes.

E Hug         The snow lady, by Shirley Hughes.

E Hut         The silver Christmas tree, by Pat Hutchins.

E Imp         A letter to Father Christmas, by Rose Impey.

E Ive         Mrs. Santa Claus, by Penny Ives.

E Jan         Little Bear's Christmas, by Janice.

E Jew          Christmas lullaby, by Nancy Jewell.

E Joy         Santa calls, by William Joyce.

E Kea         The little drummer boy, by Ezra Jack Keats.

E Kel           The Christmas witch, by Steven Kellogg.

E Ken         The Christmas pinata, by Jack Kent.

E Kro          Santa's crash-bang Christmas, by Steven Kroll.

E Kov         Jingle bells, by Maryann Kovalski.

E Lan         Felix's Christmas around the world, by Annette Langen

E Lee         A dragon Christmas, by Loreen Leedy.

E Lin        Christmas in Noisy Village, by Astrid Lindgren.

E Lin        Pippi Longstocking's after-Christmas party, by A. Lindgren.

E Low       The Christmas grump, by Joseph Low.

E McD     Tundra Mouse, By Megan McDonald.

E McM     Nutcracker Noel, by Kate McMullan.

E Mah      The Christmas tree tangle, by Margaret Mahy.

E Mar     Merry Christmas, Space Case, by James Marshall.

E Mat     The gift of the traveller, by Wendy Matthews.

E May     Little Critter's Christmas book, by Mercer Mayer.

E May     Merry Christmas, mom and dad, by Mercer Mayer.

E Mer     The Christmas box, by Eve Merriam.

E Mil      Calvin's Christmas wish, by Calvin Miles.

E Nil        A bellbird in a flame tree, by Kilmeny Niland.

E Nix      That's the spirit, Claude, by Joan L. Nixon.

E Nor     The Christmas tree book, by Carol North.

E Oak     The church mice at Christmas, by Graham Oakley.

E O'Br     Mother Hubbard's Christmas, by John O'Brien.

E Opp     The Christmas witch, by Joanne Oppenheim.

E Pfi        The Christmas star, by Marcus Pfister.

E Pie        Christmas, by Jan Pienkowski.

E Pol        Pedro, the angel of Olvera Street. by Leo Politi.

E Pro        Mrs. Pepperpot's Christmas, by Alf Proysen.

E Pro        The town that forgot it was Christmas, by Alf Proysen.

E Pry       Merry Christmas, Amanda & April, by Bonnie Pryor.

E Pul        The holiday handwriting school, by Robin Pulver.

E Rad      The twelve cats of Christmas, by Kandy Radzinski.

E Rah       O Christmas tree, by Vashanti Rahaman.

E Ric        Stephen's feast, by Jean Richardson.

E Rig        A moon in my teacup, by Anita Riggio.

E Rob      Baboushka and the three kings, by Ruth Robbins.

E Sab     The Christmas alphabet, by Robert Sabuda.

E San     The Christmas ark, by Robert D. San Souci.

E Say     Tree of cranes, by Allen Say.

E Sch     Sally's Christmas miracle, by Charls Schultz.

E Seu     How the Grinch stole Christmas, by Dr. Seuss.

ER Sha     Nate the great and the crunchy Christmas, by Marjorie W. Sharmat.

E Sot     Too many tamales, by Gary Soto.

E Spe     A candle for Christmas, by Jean Speare.

E Ste     The worst person's Christmas, by James Stevenson.

E Sti       The Christmas bear, by Henrietta Stickland.

E Sto     Christmas time, by Catherine Stock.

E Sto     Crumble, the Christmas cat, by Catherine Stock.

E Sto     A day to remember, by Bernard Stone.

E Swi     The very special baby, by Robert Swindells.

E Syk     Shhh!, by Julie Sykes.

E Taz     The littlest angel, by Charles Tazewell.

E Tha     The puppy who wanted a boy, by Jane Thayer.

E Tom     The silver whistle, by Ann Tompert.

E Tor     A Sesame Street Christmas, by Pat Tornborg.

E Tor     The Christmas carp, by Rita Tornqvist.

E Tri      Emma's Christmas, by Irene Trivas.

E Twe     Jack Kent's Twelve days of Christmas, by Jack Kent.

E Vag     The Nutcracker ballet, by Vladimir Vagin.

E Van     The Polar Express, by Chris van Allsburg.

E Wab    Lyle at Christmas, by Bernard Waber.

E Wal     An Alcott family Christmas, by Alexandra Wallner.

E Wel     Max's Christmas, by Rosemary Wells.

E Wel     Morris' disappearing bag, by Rosemary Wells.

E Wen      Merry Christmas Davy!, by Brigitte Weninger

E Wes     The joys of Christmas, by Cindy West.

E Wil     Thank you, Santa, by Margaret Wild.

E Wil     A Christmas story, by Brian Wildsmith.

E Woj    The Christmas miracle of Jonathan Toomey, by Susan Wojciechowski.

E Woo    Arthur's Christmas wish, by Sharon L. Wooding.

E Yam     The nutcracker, by Toshiko Yamanushi.

E Yaz     Little Bunny's Christmas present, by Setsuo Yazaki.

E Yor     Christmas in July, by Arthur Yorinks.

E Zie     Little Mouse meets Santa, by Harriet Ziefert.






Easy Non-fiction

E220 Men     Ahmal and the night visitors, by Gian Carlo Menotti.

E226.4 Bib     The first Christmas.

E232.9 Mee     Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus.

E232.92 All     Jesus' Christmas party.

E232.92 Bib     The Nativity.

E232.92 Cha     Mary's baby, by Jane Chapman.

E232.92 Gof     The Christmas story.

E232.92 Hog     The first Christmas, by Nonny Hogrogian.

E232.92 Ray     The story of Christmas, by Jane Ray.

E394.2 Cel     Christmas, by Leila Berg.

E394.268 Buc      Christmas in the manger, by Nola Buck.

E394.268 Cap     A child is born, by Jindra Capek.

E394.268 Gol     The Golden Christmas Treasury: 25 stories, poems, and carols.

E394.268 Goo     An Edwardian Christmas.

E394.268 Wes     My very own Christmas: a book of cooking and crafts, by R. West

E394.268 Wil     B is for Bethlehem: a Christmas alphabet.

E398.2 Cur     The Christmas knight, by Jane Louise Curry.

E745.594 Ros     Crafts for Christmas, by Kathy Ross.

E782.28 Jin     Jingle bells.

E782.28 Jol    Jolly old St. Nicholas.

E782.28 Mit     Silent night.

E782.42 Dun     The twelve days of Christmas.

E783.65 Pic     Piccolo book of carols.

E784.624 Raf     The Raffi Christmas treasury, by Raffi.

E793.735 Ash     What can it be? Riddles about Christmas, by Jill Ashley.

E793.73 Wic     I spy Christmas, by Walter Wick.

E818 Buc           Santa's short suit shrunk, by Nola Buck.




Fiction Books for 3rd-6th Grades

F Ame     Grandpa Jake and the grand Christmas, by Mildred Ames.

F Dan     Thames doesn't rhyme with James, by Paula Danziger.

F Dav     Miracle on 34th Street, by Valentine Davies.

F Dic     A Christmas carol, by Charles Dickens. (also in Over Sized Fiction)

F Duf     Lucky Christmas, by Betsy Duffey.

F Hod     Plain Lane Christmas, by Walter Hodges.

F Kli       Horrible Harry and the Christmas surprise, by Suzy Kline.

F Lun     One hundred shining candles, by Janet Lunn.

F McK    The silent bells, by William MacKellar.

F Mat      The miracle tree, by Christobel Mattingley

F Men OS Ahmal and the night visitors, by Gian Carlo Menotti.

F Mur      The song of the Christmas mouse, by Shirley R. Murphy.

F Pau A     Christmas sonata, by Gary Paulsen.

F Rob       The best Christmas pageant ever, by Barbara Robinson.

F Sau       The light at Tern Rock, by Julia L. Sauer.

F Saw      This way to Christmas, by Ruth Sawyer.

F Saw      The year of the Christmas dragon, by Ruth Sawyer.

F Sch      A Charlie Brown Christmas, by Charles M. Schulz.

F Smi      There's a ghost in the coatroom, by Janice Lee Smith.

F The      A Christmas card, by Paul Theroux.

F Van      The great Christmas kidnaping caper, by Jean van Leeuwen.

F Way     Sprout and the dogsitter, by Jennifer Wayne.

F Wil      A problem for Mother Christmas, by Ted Willis.

SC Cor     The Faber book of Christmas.

SC Cor     Round the Christmas tree.

SC Oxf    The Oxford Christmas storybook.

SC Oxf    An Oxford book of Christmas stories.

SC Hau     Haunting Christmas tales.

SC New     A Newbery Christmas.

SC Roc     Norman Rockwell's Christmas book.

SF Red     The Christmas bower.




Christmas Stories in Paperback

PE Bak     Castaway Christmas, by Margaret J. Baker.

PE Coh     The Christmas revolution, by Barbara Cohen.

PE Cor     The Puffin Book of Christmas stories.

PE Cor     Round the Christmas tree.

PE Dad     Unicorns don't give sleigh rides.

PE Dic     A Christmas carol, by Charles Dickens.

PE Fre     Grimble and Grimble at Christmas, by Clement Freud.

PE God     The story of Holly and Ivy, by Rumer Godden.

PE Jez     Albert's Christmas, by Alison Jezard.

PE Kli     Horrible Harry and the Christmas surprise, by Suzy Kline.

PE Lin     Lotta's Christmas surprise, by Astrid Lindgren.

PE Llo     Fell Farm for Christmas, by Marjorie Lloyd.

PE Pau     Dunc's undercover Christmas, by Gary Paulsen.

PE Ove    The thirteen days of Christmas, by Jenny Overton.

PE Pro     Stories for Christmas, by Alf Proysen.

PE Rob     The best Christmas pageant ever, by P. Robinson

PE The     A Christmas card, by Paul Theroux.

PE Utt     Stories for Christmas, by Alison Uttley.

PE Wei     Jingle all the way, by David Cody Weiss.



Books on Tape

Hang-up 103 small
Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia, by Peggy Parish.

Hang-up 129 large
Raffi's Christmas album

Hang-up 132 large
The year without a Santa Claus, by Phyllis McGinley

Hang-up 143 small
Max's Christmas, by Rosemary Wells

Hang-up 143 small
The best Christmas pageant ever, Barbara Robinson

Hang-up 153 large
Merry Christmas, Strega Nona, by Tomie De Paola

Hang-up 166 large
The night before Christmas, by Clement Moore

Hang-up 177 large
Arthur's Christmas, by Marc Brown

Hang-up 191 large
Morris' disappearing bag, by Rosemary Wells

Hang-up 220 large
A Christmas carol, by Charles Dickens

Hang-up 69 large
Christmas in the stable, by Astrid Lindgren

Hang-up 96 large
Joy to the world: Christmas legends, by Ruth Sawyer





General Books about Christmas

232.92 Chr     The first Christmas.

232.921 Bra    The Christmas sky.

394.268 Bla     Christmas.

394.268 Cha     The sugar-plum Christmas book.

394.268 Chr     Christmas around the world.

394,268 Chr     The Christmas treasury.

394.268 Cor     Round the Christmas tree.

394.268 Dal     Christmas, by Alice Dalgliesh.

394.268 Gib     The truth about Santa Claus.

394.268 Goo     Diane Goode's American Christmas.

394.268 Gra     Ho, ho, ho! The complete book of Christmas words.

394.268 Hav     Merry Christmas to you: stories for Christmas.

394.268 Hen     Parents' Magazine's Christmas holiday book.

394.268 Ken     A Christmas celebration.

394.268 Lan     Christmas around the world, by Mary D. Lankford.

394.268 Mal     Star over Bethlehem, and other stories.

394.268 Pat     Christmas in Britain and Scandinavia, by Lillie Patterson.

394.268 Phi     Christmas fairy tales.

394.268 Pos     The world's greatest Christmas stories.

394.268 Ree     The Christmas book.

394.268 Ret     The silver touch, and other family Christmas stories.

394.268 Wer     Celebrating Christmas around the world.

394.268 Wes     The witness, by Robert Westall.

394.268 Yol     Hark! A Christmas sampler, by Jane Yolen.

398.352 Cri     Who is Santa Claus?

808.82 Kam     On stage for Christmas - plays for Christmas.

812 Pre             A trilogy of Christmas plays for children.

812 Rob            The littlest angel - a play.

812.54 McC     Plays of the songs of Christmas.

822 Hal           Kidnapped at Christmas, a play for children.

822 Mil           Saint George: a Christmas mummers' play.

828 Tol           The Father Christmas letters, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

973.03 McK    Christmas in the big house, Christmas in the quarters, by Patricia C. McKissack.




Christmas Crafts

394.268 Fow     Christmas crafts and customs around the world.

394.268 Sta 3  Christmas holiday grab bag.

394.268 Wes 3 My very own Christmas: a book of cooking and crafts.

745.54 Ara     Origami for Christmas.

745.54 Cha     White Christmas.

745.59 Cul     Crafts for Christmas.

745.59 Mey    Christmas crafts.

745.59 Pet     Christmas all around the house.

745.594 Cor   Christmas crafts.

745.594 Ros 3 Crafts for Christmas, by Kathy Ross.

745.594 Wil   My first Christmas activity book.




Christmas Carols

394.268 Yol     Hark! A Christmas sampler, by Jane Yolen.

781.723 Joy      Joy to the world: a Christmas songbook.

782.23 Han       Messiah: the wordbook of the oratorio.

782.28 Har       Hark! The herald angels sing.

782.28 Jin 3     Jingle bells.

782.28 Jol 3     Jolly old St. Nicholas.

782.28 Mit 3     Silent night.

782.42 Dun 3     The twelve days of Christmas.

783.63 Har        Carol, gaily carol.

783.65 Pic 3      The Piccolo book of carols.

783.6 Sim         A treasury of Christmas songs and carols.

783.6552 Chr   The international book of Christmas carols.

784.62 Mer      Merrily to Bethlehem.

784.624 Raf 3  The Raffi Christmas treasury.




Christmas Poetry

394.268 Bre     Christmas bells are ringing.

811 Ken             The beasts of Bethlehem, by X.J. Kennedy.

811 McG 3        The year without a Santa Claus.

811 Moo 3        The night before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore.

811.08 Tro        Cajun night before Christmas, by Trosclair.

811.54 Fac 3     Only a star, by Margery Facklam.

811.54 Pre 3      It's Christmas, by Jack Prelutsky.

812.08 Dav        A single star.

821.08 Oxf        The oxford book of Christmas poems.


Merry Christmas!