Illustrated Books

Greg Hildebrandt's book of three dimensional dragons.
Gail Peterson 398.2 Pet

A book of dragons.
Hosie Baskin 398.2454 Bas

Saint George and the dragon: a golden legend
Margaret Hodges  E398.2 Hod

Behold - the dragons!
Gail Gibbons E398.2454 Gib

Dragons: truth, myth and legend
David Passes 398.2454 Pas

The tale of Custard the Dragon
Ogden Nash E811 Nas

The dragons are singing tonight.
Jack Prelutsky E811.54 Pre


Norby and the oldest dragon.
Isaac Asimov SF Asi

The dragon and the thief
Gillian Bradshaw F Bra

The land of gold Gillian Bradshaw F Bra

The fifty-first dragon
Heywood Brown F Bro

Kathryn Cave PE Cav

The dragon and the unicorn
Lynne Cherry OSF Che

The dragonslayers
Bruce Coville PE Cov

Jeremy Thatcher, dragon hatcher
Bruce Coville PE Cov

My father's dragon
Ruth Stiles Gannett F, PE Gan

The dragon of Og
Rummer Godden F God

Acavalcade of dragons
Roger Lancelyn Green 398.4 Gre

The Case of the Dragon in Distress E.W. Hildick F Hil

The dragonlingseries
Jackie French Koller F Kol

Adam draws himself a dragon
Irina Korschunow PE Kor

Dragon in dange
Rosemary Manning PE Man

Dragon in the harbou
Rosemary Manning PE Man

The dragon's quest
Rosemary Manning PE Man

The complete book of dragons.
E Nesbit PE Nes

Dragon magic
Andre Norton F Nor

Saviour Pirotta F Pir

Dragonfire series
Morgana Rhys PE Rhy

Dragon wanted
Ann Ruffell F Ruf

Dragon slayer
Rosemary Sutcliff F, PE Sut

The minstrel and the dragon pup
Rosemary Sutcliff; OSF Sut

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles -Dealing with dragons.
-Searching for dragons.
-Calling on dragons
-Talking to dragons
Patricia C. Wrede F, PE Wre

The Pit Dragon Trilogy
-Dragon's blood
-Heart's blood
-A sending of dragons
Jane Yolen PE Yol

The dragon's boy.
Jane Yolen F Yol

Here there be dragons
Jane Yolen SC Yol

Audio Dragons Stories(Books with Tapes)

Jeremy Thatcher, dragon hatcher
Bruce Coville, Hang-up 111 small

Elmer and the dragon
Ruth Stiles Gannett, Hang-up 115 small

Three tales of my father's dragon
Ruth Stiles Gannett, hang-up 131 large

The dragons are singing tonight; poems
Jack Prelutsky, Hang-up 151 large

The dragonslayers
Bruce Coville, Hang-up 151 small

Dealing with dragons
Patricia C Wrede, Hang-up 153 small

Custard the dragon
Ogden Nash, Hang-up 84 large