Happy EasterFrom the Library!


E Ber The Berenstain Bears and the real Easter eggs, by Jan and Stan Berenstain
The Berenstain Bear cubs are anxiously awaiting all the candy and Easter eggs that Easter will bring, but Mama Bear and Mother Nature show them the true wonder of the season.

E Fre Corduroy's Easter party, by Don Freeman
As he and his friends get ready to celebrate Easter with a special party, Corduroy wonders if the Easter Bunny is real.

E Hey The country bunny and the little gold shoes, by Du Bose Heyward
To the surprise of many, the little country cottontail becomes one of the special Easter bunnies even though she has twenty-one children of her very own.

E Hil Spot's first Easter, by Eric Hill
Spot and his friend, Helen the hippopotamus, enjoy the annual Easter-egg hunt, encouraging readers to participate in the search by lifting flaps that reveal a variety of surprises.

E Kor The grumpy Easter bunny, by Justine Korman
Hopper does not share the other rabbits' enthusiasm for their Easter rounds and instead of hiding his share of goodies, he eats much of them himself, before learning the real joy of Easter.

E Mod Little Bunny's Easter surprise, by Jeanne Modesitt
Little Bunny surprises her mother, father, and baby brother with Easter baskets for all of them.

Easy Fiction

E Ada   The Easter egg artists, by Adrienne Adams
The Abbotts, established Easter egg artists, let their son develop a style of his own when he shows interest in painting.

E Auc   The Easter egg farm, by Mary Jane Auch
Pauline the hen lays unusual eggs, but Mrs. Pennywort, her owner, thinks they're beautiful, and she and Pauline work together to open an Easter egg farm.

E Aue   Bob's egg hunt, by Annie Auerback

E Bla   The story of the Easter Bunny, by Sheila Black

E Bor   Rabbit's good news, by Ruth Bornstein
Rabbit leaves her warm dark burrow and discovers that spring has come.

E Bri   Clifford's Happy Easter, by Norman Bridwell


E Den  Dumb Bunnies Easter, by Sue Denim
It's December 24th, and the Dumb Bunnies are celebrating the holidays in their own ridiculous way.

E Dev   Cranberry Easter, by Wende Devlin

E Fri   The Easter Bunny that overslept, by Priscilla & Otto Freidrich
Having slept past Easter, the Easter bunny tries to distribute his eggs on Mother's Day, the Fourth of July, and Halloween, but no one is interested. At Christmas time it is Santa who gets him back on track.

E Hal   Today is Easter, by P.K. Hallinan
A brother and sister spend a joyous Easter, finding baskets full of candy, hunting Easter eggs, attending church service, and sharing a special family dinner.

E Hen  Owen's marshmallow chick, by Kevin Henkes
Owen is excited by all the treats in his Easter basket and eats them with great delight, one by one, yet when he reaches the little yellow marshmallow chick, Owen's munching is put on hold since he has found something too special to eat


E Hob  The sugar snow spring, by Lillian Hoban  

E Hoo   Little Bunny's Easter egg surprise, by Susan Hood

E Kro   The big Bunny and the Easter eggs, by Steven Kroll
Poor Wilbur, the Easter Bunny, gets so sick that he almost misses his Easter deliveries.

E Lew   One minute Easter stories, by Shari Lewis
Twenty Easter stories designed to be read in a minute or less.

E May   Happy Easter, Little Critter, by Mercer Mayer

E Mil   The egg tree, by Katherine Milhous

E Pfi   Hopper's Easter Surprise, by Marcus Pfister
Hopper, a young Arctic hare, decides that he wants to be fast and brave like the Easter bunny, but he discovers that it isn't as easy as he had thought it would be

E Pol   Rechenka's eggs, by Patricia Polacco
An injured goose rescued by Babushka, having broken the painted eggs intended for the Easter Festival in Moscva, lays thirteen marvelously colored eggs to replace them, then leaves behind one final miracle in egg form before returning to her own kind.

E Ros   Eggbert, the slightly cracked egg, by Tom Ross

E Ste   Peter Cottontail, by Amanda Stephens

E Ste   The great big especially beautiful Easter egg, by James Stevenson

E Tud    A tale for Easter, by Tasha Tudor

E Wel   Max's chocolate chicken, by Marjorie Wells (also audio AE Wel)


E You   Miss Suzy's Easter surprise, by Miriam Young

E Zie   Where's my Easter egg?, by Harriet Ziefert

E Zow The bunny who found Easter, by Charlotte Zolotow
A lonely rabbit searches for others of his kind from summer through winter until spring arrives and he finds one special bunny.


Easy Non Fiction

E 232.96 Wil
The Easter story, by Wildsmith, Brian

The story of the last days of Jesus' life, the crucifixion, and the resurrection, as seen through the eyes of a small donkey.

E 394.2682 Fis
The story of Easter, by Fisher, Aileen Lucia and Vitale, Stefano

E 394.2682 Gib
Easter, by Gibbons, Gail
Examines the background, significance, symbols, and traditions of Easter.

E 394.2682 Har
The Easter chicks : a lift-the-flap storybook, by Harland, Jackie and Repchuk, Caroline. 

E 394.2682 Jam
What is Easter? James, Lillie
Tells the story of the Christian holiday which is celebrated in early spring and on which families attend church, visit relatives, share a meal, and hunt for eggs.

E 394.2682 Mar
Easter, by Marx, David F

E 394.2682 Ska
The first Easter, by Skarmeas, Nancy J and Benson, Leslie L.

E 398.2 Kim
The birds' gift : a Ukrainian Easter story, by Kimmel, Eric A and Krenina, Katya.
Villagers take in a flock of golden birds nearly frozen by an early snow and are rewarded with beautifully decorated eggs the next spring.

E 641.568 Raa
An Easter holiday cookbook, by Raabe, Emily

E 745.594 Sta
Easter holiday grab bag, by Stamper, Judith Bauer and Durrell, Julie
Discusses the origins of Easter customs and suggests various activities for the holiday.

E 808.81 Wat
Happy Easter day!, by Watson, Wendy
A story in which a family prepares for and enjoys Easter, combined with both traditional and literary rhymes.



Non Fiction


220.9 Lad
The Easter story, by Robertson, Jenny.

232.96 Bib
Easter : the King James version, by Pienkowski, Jan

232.97 Bib
The Easter story : according to the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John, by Bible and Spirin, Gennadii.

394.2682 Bar
Lilies, rabbits, and painted eggs : the story of the Easter symbols, by Barth, Edna and Arndt, Ursula

394.2682 Hag
Michael Hague's family Easter treasury, by Hague, Michael 
An anthology of thirty-two stories, sacred texts, and poems that celebrate Easter.

394.2682 Haz
The Easter book of legends and stories, by Hazeltine, Alice Isabel and Bianco, Pamela 

394.2682 Hob
Easter : a story and activity book, by Hobson, Wendy.

394.2682 Lee
Easter, by Lee-Corbin, Hilary.

394.2682 Pat
Easter, by Patterson, Lillie and Oechsli, Kelly 

394.2682 San
Easter, by Sandak, Cass R 

739.2092 Kra
Russian Easter eggs, by Krasilin, Mikhail
Contains photographs and descriptions of the Russian Easter egg collection at the Moscow Folk Art Museum.

745.59 Umn
175 easy-to-do Easter crafts : easy-to-do crafts, easy-to-find things, by Umnik, Sharon Dunn 

745.5944 Sta
Easter fun : activity book, by Stamper, Judith 
This book is full of stories, crafts, puzzles, games, and more to help you have a great Easter.