Recommended Reading for 2nd Graders

The following books have been recommended by librarians, teachers and students for students in 2nd grade. The list is by no means exhaustive and is meant as a guide for students and parents. If you have any suggestions for the list please let us know.

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Secrets of Droon series

Follow Eric, Julie and Neal on their adventures to a fantastic world through the basement door and down the hidden staircase.

Tony Abbott PE Abb

Cam Jansen series

This is a great series about Cam, a girl who always solves the mystery with her photographic memory.

David Adler PEM Adl
Aussie Bites series
These 'bite-sized' stories are written and illustrated by well-known Australian authors and illustrators.

PE Aus


Arthur and DW series

Read about the adventures of the famous aardvark Arthur, in these great, easy to read chapter books.

Marc Brown ER Bro

Flat Stanley
Read all about Stanley Lambchop who wakes up one morning flat as a pancake! A bulletin board fell on Stanley during the night and now he is only half an inch thick.

Jeff Brown PE Bro
F Bro

Mr. Majeika series

Meet the new teacher Mr. Majeika who flies in through the window on a magic carpet! With 'Mr Magic' in charge, school will never be normal again.

Humphrey Carpenter PE Car

See You in Second Grade

At an end-of-the-year beach picnic, Anna Maria, Jim, and the other children realize they will miss First Grade and their teacher, but decide they are ready for Second Grade after all.

Miriam Cohen E Coh

The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids Series

Read all about the adventures of the kids from Bailey School.

Debbie Dadey

PE Dad

The Enormous Crocodile

The enormous crocodile devises secret plans and a few clever tricks to secure his lunch, only to have them foiled by his neighbors.

Roald Dahl

E Dah


The Paper Dragon

A humble Chinese painter of scrolls agrees to confront the terrifying dragon that threatens to destroy his village. Magnificent illustrations!

Marguerite W. Davol E Dav

Pee Wee Scouts series

Follow the funny and exciting adventures of the boys and girls in Troup 23 in the Pee Wee Scouts.

Judy Delton


PE Del


Tashi series
Tashi comes from a magical far-away place and has the most amazing adventures to tell to his friend Jack. 
Anne and Barbara Fienberg ER Fie

Jenuis:the amazing guinea pig

This amusing story tells of Judy, an 8 year old girl who teaches her guinea pig, Jenius, several tricks, despite the fact that her teacher and parents say that guinea pigs aren't trainable.

Dick King-Smith PE Kin

Horrible Harry series

Read about the unexpected, horrible escapades of Horrible Harry, the class troublemaker, his best friend Doug and Song Lee.

Suzy Kline

ER Kli

PE Kli
F Kli


The Magic Tree House series

Step into a world of adventure—go back in time or to distant lands with Jack and Annie and their magic tree house!

Mary Pope Osborne ER Osb
PE Osb

The A to Z Mysteries

Join Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose as they investigate and solve mysteries.

Ron Roy ER Roy

Marvin Redpost Series

Read all about the crazy adventures of nine-year-old red head, Marvin Redpost.


Louis Sachar

PE Sac
F Sac


Geronimo Stilton series

A brand new series about a mouse newspaper writer and editor called Geronimo Stilton, and the adventures he encounters with his sister. Full color artwork throughout the book makes it especially appealing to young readers.

Geronimo Stilton

PE Sti


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