Recommended Reading for 3rd Graders

The following books have been recommended by librarians, teachers and students for students in 3rd grade. The list is by no means exhaustive and is meant as a guide for students and parents. If you have any suggestions for the list please let us know.

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The Gold Coin

Determined to steal an old woman's gold coin, a young thief follows her all around the countryside and finds himself involved in a series of unexpected activities.

Alma Flor Ada E Ada

I Was a Third Grade Science Project; I Was a Third Grade Spy

These two stories follow the escapades of three classmates and their efforts to hypnotize a dog as a science project!  Hilarious fun!

Mary Jane Auch

F Auc


Freckle Juice

Andrew wants freckles so badly that he buys Sharon's freckle recipe for fifty cents.

Judy Blume

PE Blu
AF Blu


Paddington Bear (series)

From the day Paddington was discovered on a railway platform in London, he was seldom far from imminent disaster... but it always seemed to turn into hilarious fun.

Michael Bond ER Bon

Ramona Quimby (series)

This is a funny series about families, neighbors and schoolmates. Highly recommended!

Beverley Cleary PE Cle
F Cle

Invisible in the Third Grade

Alex has fun fooling his family and his fellow third graders when he finds a brand of bubble gum that turns him invisible, but his pranks get out of hand on Halloween night.

Margery Cuyler PE Cuy

Dirty Beasts

You will enjoy this collection of humorous poems about amazing or nasty creatures, including a flying cow, a pig that turns the tables on a farmer, and crocodiles, lions, and anteaters that delight in devouring people.

Roald Dahl E Dah

How to be Cool in the Third Grade

When Robbie York is marked as a target by a bully at school, he decides that the only way to survive the third grade is by being cool.

Betsy Duffey

PE Duf

The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog (series)
Guts, glory, danger and sacrifice are all in a day's work for Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security. Follow all of Hank's adventures in this great series.

John Erickson


PE Eri

The Shrinking of Treehorn

A boy discovers he is shrinking but does not know the cause or cure.

Florence P. Heide PE Hei
F Hei
AF Hei

How the Whale Became (and Other Stories)

A collection of creation stories explaining why owls hunt at night, why the dog was chosen to guard farm animals, why polar bears live at the North Pole, and how the elephant came to accept its unique and wonderful qualities.

Ted Hughes

PE Hug

Ali Baba Bernstein (series)

A fun series about a young boy, David Bernstein, who discovers life is much more exciting when he calls himself 'Ali Baba' Bernstein.

Johanna Hurwitz PE Hur

The Great Piratical Rumbustification; & The Librarian and the Robbers
In these two stories the characters have devilish fun with a former pirate and a band of robbers.

Margaret Mahy

PE Mah
F Mah

The Littles (series)

The Little family enjoys many adventures together. Join in the fun!

John Peterson


PE Pet

Einstein Anderson Science Detective (series)
Einstein Anderson is a whiz at science, and readers are invited to have fun matching wits with this detective as he investigates mind-boggling mysteries of science.

Seymour Simon F Sim

The Perfect Hamburger

Joe tries to remember exactly which ingredients he used to make the perfect hamburger so that he can help Mr. Borthwick's ailing business.

Alexander McCall Smith PE Smi


Left on their own for an afternoon, two bored and restless children find more excitement than they bargained for in a mysterious and mystical jungle adventure board game.

Chris Van Allsburg


King Long Shanks

Although he hates their poor poetry, a frog king agrees to let two flattering scoundrels create an outfit for him that will show off his fine, long, strong legs and test the loyalty of his subjects.

Jane Yolen

E Yol

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