From the Library!

Easy Fiction

A woggle of witches, by Adrienne Adams
E Ada
Witches are frightened by strange creatures on the night of their special celebration.

Mouse's Halloween, by Alan Baker.

E Bak
One Halloween night Mother Mouse and Baby Mouse are hurrying home through the darkening forest. Baby Mouse sees some terrifying sights but his mother reassures him that all is well. But is it? Look at the pictures closely and you decided! Beautiful illustrations on pages cut to form the shapes Baby Mouse imagines.


E Ben I've got your nose, by Nancy Bentley.

Unhappy with her little button nose, a witch tries to cast a spell to change it to a long pointy one with warts with some humorous results.

E Bon  The Halloween Play, by Felicia Bond.

E Boo Boo! Stories to make you jump, Laura Cecil, comp.

A collection of scary stories and poems, with an emphasis on monsters, ghosts, and witches written by different authors.


E Bri Georgie's Halloween, by Robert Bright.

Classic tale of the little gentle, shy ghost – Georgie.


E Bro Arthur's Halloween, by Marc Brown.

Arthur (the loveable anteater) finds everything about Halloween scary, including his sister's costume, his morning snack and the big house on the corner until he meets the friendly and kind owner.


E Bue A job for Wittilda, by Carolyn Buehner.

Wittilda needs a job – her 47 cats are down to their last dried rat! When she sees an ad for a delivery person at Joe's Dingaling Pizza she thinks it's the perfect job, she even has her own transportation – her trusty broom! Wittilda gets the job but something threatens to halt her winning streak, how can she resolve this major crisis? Funny story with bright illustrations.


E Bun Scary, scary Halloween, by Eve Bunting.

Four pairs of eyes stare from the blackness to watch fearsome creatures trick or treat.


E Car Spooky and the ghost cat, by N.S. Carlson.

Story of how Spooky the cat finds a ghost cat and saves her from his witch's spell.


E Civ The wacky book of witches, by Anne Civardi.

Colorful illustrations encourage young readers to locate various spooky things in a story that follows the Cackle Town witches as they prepare for their big Halloween celebration.


E Coh The real-skin rubber monster mask, by Miriam Cohen.

Jim loved his Halloween mask until the night he wore it. The mask suddenly becomes too scary to wear for trick or treating so Jim tries to lose and hide the mask. His attempts are met with little success until his friend Willy comes to his rescue and it turns out to be a happy Halloween after all.

E Col  The trouble with Mum, by Babette Cole


ER Cus Aunt Eater's mystery Halloween, by Doug Cushman. (Easy Reader)

It's Halloween and Aunt Eater is going to a costume party. It's a good thing she's dressed as a detective because wherever Aunt Eater goes a mystery is bound to follow! Four short spooky stories.


E DeG Trick or Treat, smell my feet, by Diane de Groat.

A madcap, mixed-up, masquerade for brother and sister Gilbert and Lola as they dress-up for the Halloween parade. Sequel to 'Roses are pink, your feet really stink'.


E Dev Cranberry Halloween, by Wende Devlin.

On Halloween night the people of Cranberry port almost lose the money they have raised to build a new dock.


E Dil Jeb Scarecrow's pumpkin patch, by Jana Dillon.

A family of scarecrows come up with an ingenious, surefire plan against a group of pesky crows who have decided to throw their October 'harvest' celebration in the scraecrow's pumpkin patch.


E Din Henry's Halloween, by Jeffrey Dinardo.

Henry wants to be a clown for Halloween but his friend Simon says only babies dress up like clowns. So Henry paints a new creepy maks with turns out to be too scary! Henry realises that frightening everyone is not fun so he has an idea that will change the gasps of fright into happy Halloween smiles.


E Dod Ghost and Pete, by Dayle Ann Dodds.
Pete and his new friend Ghost go trick-or-treating on Halloween, but Ghost can't remember what to say.


E Gal  The Tailypo: a ghost story, by Joanna Galdone
A strange varmint haunts the woodsman who lopped off its tail.


E Gla My working Mom, by Peter Glassman.

Everyone knows it isn't always easy having a working Mom but the narrator's mother has a job that keeps the whole family jumping - she's a witch!Fun, bright pictures and easy text.


E Gut The witch who lives down the hall, by Donna Guthrie.

The story of a young boy who is certain that his neighbour possesses magical powers and is a witch. Funny tale of a runaway imagination.




E Hal It's pumpkin time, by Zoe Hall.

A brother and sister get ready for Halloween, early – by planting a pumpkin patch! It is a celebration of how things grow describing the whole process of growing pumkins from planting the seed to the carving of the Jack-o'-laterns. Beautiful bold painted collage illustrations accompany the text.


E Hei The monster's test, by Brian J. Heinz.

Creepy goblins, ghosts, ogres and other monsters have a contest to see who is the scariest. They wail, cackle, drip, snort and perform their worst until a sudden knock at the door. Who wins the contest? You'll be surprised!


E Hen Corduroy's Halloween, by B.G. Hennessy.

Corduroy loves Halloween. He has lots to do to get ready. He visits the pumpkin patch and finds a perfect pumpkin. He goes to the store to get everything he needs for his Halloween costume and he decorates the house. Lift the flap book.


E Her Hubknuckles, by E Herman.

Lee, certain that the Halloween ghost that visits her family is just a trick played by her mother or father, decides to go outside and dance with Hubknuckles the ghost.


E Hin When the goblins came knocking, by Anna G. Hines.

The narrator describes in verse format his memories of last year's terror at Halloween and his happy anticipation of this year's holiday.


ER Hob Arthur's Halloween costume, by Lillian Hoban. (Easy Reader)

It is Halloween morning. Arthur (the chimpanzee) is dressed up as a ghots for the school party. Then he spills ketchup on his costume and that's just the beginning! Now Arthur has a crazy costume that nobody can figure out – until Wilma's big sister comes along with just the right name!


E How Harold & Chester in scared silly, by James Howe.

This high spirited tale about a Halloween 'night fright' features Harold the dog (narrator), Chester the cat, Howie the dachshund puppy and Bunnicula the world famous vampire rabbit.

E Hub  Trick or treat countdown, by Patricia Hubbard
A counting book that lists scary sights on Halloween, from one haunted house to twelve creeping cats.


E Hul Eerie feary feeling, by Joy N. Hulme.


E Joh The soup bone, by Tony Johnston.

One lonely Halloween night an old lady who lives on top of a hill decides to cook herself some soup. As she digs in the garden searching for a soup bone, she makes the acquaintance of a lively skeleton, and spends a riotous evening playing tricks with him, finally agreeing to be friends.


E Joh The vanishing pumpkin, by Tony Johnston.

A 700-year-old woman and an 800-year-old man, both witches, search out their lost pumpkin only to find it under the hat of a wizard.


E Kah Gunhilde and the Halloween spell, by V. Kahl.


ER Kli Horrible Harry in Room 2B, by Suzy Kline. (Easy Reader)

Doug discovers that although being Harry's best friend in Miss Mackle's second grade class isn't always easy, as Harry likes to do horrible things, it is often a lot of fun particularly during Halloween.


ER Kli Mary Marony mummy girl, by Suzy Kline. (Easy Reader)

After noticing a hole in the sheet on her bed, Mary Marony comes up with an ingenious plan to create the perfect Halloween costume to scare her mean, teasing classmate, Marvin, but now she has to explain to her parents why she has torn up her sheet into strips.




E Kra How spider saved Halloween, by R. Kraus.

Halloween is almost spoiled by two pumpkin-smashing bullies until Spider, dressed as a walking, talking pumpkin, scares them away.


E Kro The biggest pumpkin ever, by Steven Kroll

a group of children meet two amiable mice who tend their growing pumpkin with such affection that it becomes the biggest one in memory.


E Kro Branigan's cat and the Halloween ghost, by Steven Kroll

Branigan's cat Llewellyn is unwelcome in the village because of his fierce looks. His ferociousness puts a temporary stop to an avenging ghost at Halloween, and his bravery is rewarded when he survives three magical adventures.


E Kun Trick or treat Danny! by Edith Kunhardt.

Danny's parents and friends make sure he has a happy Halloween even though a cold prevents him from going trick-or-treating.


E Lee The dragon Halloween party, by Loreen Leedy.

The dragons prepare a Halloween party complete with costumes, decorations, and appropriate food and activities.

E Lon  Froggy's Halloween, by Jonathan London
Froggy tries to find just the right costume for Halloween and although his trick or treating does not go as he had planned, he enjoys himself anyway.


E Lor Boogie Bones, by Elizabeth Loredo.

Boogie Bones loves to dance, and he longs to show his stuff outside the graveyard gates. One night the wind brings him a flyer that advertises a Halloween dance contest with music, prizes--and romance. Even though no skeleton has ever left the graveyard before, Boogie hatches a plan that will take him to the contest and win him a trophy.


E Man You don't get a carrot unless you're a bunny, by B. Mangas.
Two bunnies dress up as a duck and a bear on Halloween, but their trick backfires when they cannot get carrots for their holiday treat.

ER Mar  Fox outfoxed, by James Marshall (Easy Reader)
Fox competes in a big race, gives away his comic books and goes trick or treating on Halloween with his friends.


E Mar Space case, by Edward Marshall.

When the 'thing' from outer space visits earth, it is taken first for a Halloween trick-or-treater and then for a robot.


E Med The witches' supermarket, by Susan Meddaugh.

Helen, dressed as a witch, and her dog, Martha, costumed as a cat, set out trick-or-treating and follow an old woman into a strange store. Helen and Martha soon recognize it as a witches' supermarket and barely escape the wrath of the customers.

E Mel  Fright night flight, by Laura Krauss Melmed
On her way to Halloween trick or treating, a witch makes room on her broom for a group of fiendish friends.


E Mue A Halloween mask for monster, by Virginia Mueller.

It is Halloween, but Monster does not know what he will be. He tries on a girl mask, but it is too scary. He tries on a boy mask, but it is also too scary. Finally, after many tries, Monster has the perfect idea!


E O'Co Eek! Stories to make you shriek, by Jane O'Connor.

Bugsy loves squishing bugs. But when he messes with the wrong bug--a magical golden insect--he wakes up in the morning with a bug's-eye view of things!





E Pil The Hallo-wiener, by Dav Pilkey.

When is a hot dog not a hot dog? When he becomes a hero sandwich! This hilarious Halloween story about Oscar, a dachshund doomed to wear a hot dog costume on Halloween. When he saves the day--and night--Oscar proves that while he may be short on height, he's long on heart. A tale trick-or-treaters will relish.

E Pil  Dragon's Halloween: dragon's fifth tale, by Dav Pilkey
Dragon has a busy and fun-filled Halloween, turning six small pumpkins into one big jack-o-lantern, going to a costume party and taking a spooky walk in the woods.


E Pol Picnic at Mudsoch Meadow, by Patricia Polacco.

The annual Halloween picnic at Mudsock Meadow takes a zany turn as William finds his enjoyment ruined by pain-in-the-neck Hester Bledden and by the arrival of the "ghost" of Titus Dinworthy, whose appearance terrifies the celebrants.


E Pol The haunted house party, by Barry Louis Polisar.


E Pra The spooky Halloween party, by Annabelle Prager

Albert is sure his friend's Halloween party can't be as scary as he says it's going to be. But his bravado is dealt a swift blow when he finds himself among a host of party-going ghoulies who turn out not to be his old buddies in disguise.

E Pre  Halloween countdown, by Jack Prelutsky
A boy in a red shirt counts down from ten to one with a group of ghosts in a spooky holiday book.


E Ray Pumpkins, by Mary Lynn Ray.

Upset because the field across from his house is for sale, a man decides to save it from development by buying it himself. He doesn't have the resources, however, so he grows and sells pumpkins to raise the funds.

ER Roc  This book is haunted, by Joanne Rocklin (Easy Reader)
Five spooky stories told by a 'not too scary' ghost host.


E Roc Apples and pumpkins, by Anne Rockwell.

Time for pumpkin picking, apple cider, and Halloween. With great enjoyment of the autumn season, a small girl tells of her family's journey to a farm to pick apples and pumpkins.


E Roc  Halloween Day, by Anne Rockwell.
The ten preschoolers in Mrs Madoff's class wear their Halloween costumes to school.


E Ros Pumkin faces, by Emma Rose.

A glow-in-the-dark rhyming book invites young readers to turn out the lights and meet a harvest of jack-o'-lanterns with jolly, silly, sad, and skinny faces.


ER Ros M & M and the Halloween monster, by Pat Ross. (Easy Reader)

As Mandy and Mimi get ready for Halloween night, they're in for some scary surprises. Is there really a ghost on the stairs? And is that a monster hiding in the basement? They could just skip Halloween this year--but then they would miss all the excitement.

E Sca  Scary stories to read when it's dark (Easy Reader)
A collection of short, scary stories.


E Sch Jack the bum and the Halloween hand-out, by J. Schulman.
Jack the bum spends Halloween trying to get money for something to eat, but when he wins a prize for the best costume, he donates the money to UNICEF.

E Sei  Halloween, by Jerry Seinfeld
A humorous tale bout the Halloween experiences as remembered by the author himself, from bad trick or treat candy to pajama-like costumes.


E She The big stew, by Ben Shecter.

The story of two peasants adding a little of this; a little of that in to a big black caldron. The weirder the ingredients get, the more the two cooks begin to resemble witches, until the stew bubbles over into a pumpkin-headed creature.


E Shu     Halloween party, by Linda Shute
Costumes, monsters and food abound at the tempting, teasing, terrible Halloween party that happens once each year.


E Sie The house that Drac Built, by Judy Sierra.

Who lives in the house that Drac built? One by one, a bat, a cat, a werewolf, a monster, a mummy, a zombie, and other frightful creatures emerge from their hiding places. They chase, wrestle, and roar until the doorbell rings, and in walks a group of fearless trick-or-treaters who know exactly what to do.





E Sil Big pumpkin, by Erica Silverman.

In honor of Halloween, a witch decides to bake a pumpkin pie, but when her pumpkin refuses to come loose from its vine, she enlists the aid of a ghost, a vampire, a mummy, and a bat to free the pumpkin.


ER Sta   Five funny frights, by Judith Bauer Stamper.(Easy Reader)
A collection of five easy to read scary stories with humorous endings


E Ste That terrible Halloween night, by J. Stevenson.

It's Halloween, but Mary Ann and Louie can't seem to scare Grandpa, no matter how they try. "I don't get very scred anymore," he explaings, "not since thatterrible Halloween night." And as the children sit spellbound, Grandpa beginsto tell them the story of how, when he was a child....


E Sto Halloween monster, by Catherine Stock.

As Halloween draws near, Tommy starts looking under his bed and in his closet for monsters. Happily Tommy's mother understands his fears and helps him to make a super costume so that he can join his friends for his first night of trick-or-treating.


E Str The horrible spookhouse, by Kicki Stridh

A little girl lost in the woods wanders into a haunted house, where she disappoints the witches, monsters, and other inhabitants because she refuses to be frightened of them.


E Stu By the light of the Halloween moon, by Caroline Stutson.

Gathering under an old wooden bridge in the dead of night, a spying cat, a watchful witch, a hobgoblin sprite, and their scary companions plan to gobble up a young girl who sits on the bridge, and who bravely plots a trick or two of her own. Written as a cumulative poem.

E Tea  One Halloween night, by Mark Teague
After a bad beginning, three friends discover that anything can happen on Halloween.


E Tit Pumpkin, pumpkin, by J. Titherington.

Jamie plants a pumpkin seed and, after watching it grow, carves it, and saves some seeds to plant in the spring.


E Try Albert's Halloween, by Leslie Tryon.

The intrepid Chief Detective Albert is back--along with his pals, Sam Slade, Miss Maple, and Shamrock Holmes--this time hot on the trail of dastardly pumpkin pilferers!


E Upd An autumn tale, by D. Updike.

When Homer puts his jack-o-lantern over his head like a helmet on the eve of Halloween, he gains access to a secret nocturnal meeting of the trees as they celebrate the arrival of the full moon.


E Wat Boo! It's Halloween, by Wendy Watson.

A collection of colorful illustrations, simple text, riddles, a scary tale and rhymes shows children how to celebrate this popular holiday--from costume parade, to Halloween party, to trick or treat.


E Wel The closet gorilla, by Frances Ward Weller.

Ben, dressed as Tarzan, needs a gorilla to complete his Halloween costume. He is forced to use his sister's white, stuffed monkey until his Uncle Hugo, an actor, comes to the rescue.

E Wel  The Halloween parade, by Rosemary Wells
Yoko and Timothy aren't very frightening in their costumes that look like food, but they still scare Doris and Stumpy in the Halloween parade.


E Wil The little old lady who was not afraid of anything, by L. Williams

Once upon a time there was a little old lady who was not afraid of anything. One windy autumn night, while walking in the woods, she encountered a noisy pair of shoes--and then pants, a shirt, and a pumpkin head--that gave her the scare of her life.

E Win  Halloween hats, by Elizabeth Winthrop
A rhyming celebration of hats, featuring all sorts of head-toppers that help create costumes for the Halloween parade.


E Woj The best Halloween of all, by Susan Wojciechowski.

Seven year old Ben's parents always design his Halloween costume, and Ben is never happy about it. He's worn ""a scratchy white rabbit suit,"" been an angel with ""dumb cardboard wings,"" and suffered as his mother's favorite a bunch of grapes. But this year Ben declares he's going to make his own costume, and he has ""the best Halloween of all."


E Wol On Halloween night, by Frida Wolff.

A counting book with a delightfully shivery touch of Halloween spookiness lets children count one witch, two cats, three owls, and so on, up to thirteen.


E Zie What is Halloween?, by Harriet Ziefert.

From making a costume with her mother to greeting trick-or-treaters at the door, Little Mouse discovers the wonders of Halloween, in a lift-the-flap book just right for beginners.



Paperbacks and Fiction

PE Ash     Teddy Teabury's peanutty problems, by Sandy Asher.
PEM Avi   No more magic, by Avi. (Mystery Book)
PE Bra     
The Halloween tree, by Ray Bradbury

PE Cov     The monster's ring, by Bruce Coville.
Pau      Dunc's Halloween, by Gary Paulsen.
PE Pet       Tom Little's great Halloween scare, by J. Peterson.
PE Vor       Halloween invader's (The secret world of Alex Mack),by John Vornholt.
F Bar        Jack-o'-lantern, by E Barth.

F Ber        The Berenstain Bears and the haunted hayride,
by Jan & Stan Berenstain.

F Dic        T.R.'s Halloween, by Terrance Dicks.
F God       Mr. McFadden's Halloween, by R. Godden.
F Hil         The ghost squad and the Halloween conspiracy, by E. W. Hildick.
F His        Ghosts in fourth grade, by Constance Hiser.
F Lau       The little leftover witch, by F. Laughlin.
F Pec       Higbee's Halloween, by R.N. Peck.
F Wri        The ghost witch, by Betty Ren Wright.

OSF Irv    The legend of Sleepy Hollow., San Souci, Robert
SC New    A Newbery Halloween, sel. by Martin H. Greenberg.




E394.2 Gib                Halloween, by Gail Gibbons.
394.2683 Glo            The little witch's Halloween book, by L. Glovach.
394.2683 Hal             Halloween : stories and poems.
394.2683 Hun            Ghosts, witches and things like that..., by R. Hunt.
394.2683 Lee            Halloween, by Hilary Lee-Corbin.
E394.2683 Lei           Halloween, by Katherine Leiner.
394.2683 Lim             Weird! The complete book of Halloween words.
394.2683 McG           Squeals & squiggles & ghostly giggles, by A. McGovern.
394.2683 Mag           The Halloween book, by Jack Maguire.
394.2683Pat              Halloween, by L. Patterson.
E394.2683 Sta          Halloween holiday grab bag, by Judith Stamper.
782.42 Mar                Marvin's favorite Halloween songs, by Cindy Warner.
E782.421 Reg           Thirteen hours of Halloween, by Dian Curtis Regan.
E793.7 Hal                 Creepy riddles, by Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg.
793.735 Mae              More Halloween howls, by Giulio Maestro.
E793.8 Wyl                Halloween poems for the very young, by Nancy White Carlstrom.
E808.81 Ben              Spooky poems, coll. by Jill Bennett.
808.87 For                 The Puffin monster joke book, by M. Forrester.
E811 Car                    Who said Boo?, Halloween poems for the very young
811 Hal                       Halloween poems, Myra Cohn Livingston.
E811 Hei                     Grim & ghastly goings-on, by F.P. Heide.
E811 Hop                    Ragged shadows: poems of Halloween night
E811 Mer                    Halloween ABC, by Eve Merriam.
811 Moo                      See my lovely poison ivy and other verses about witches, ghosts and things, by L. Moore.
E811. 52 Cum            Hist whist, by e.e. cummings.
811.54 Hor                 Halloween hoots and howls, by Joan Horton
811.54 Mer                 Halloween ABC, by Eve Merriam.
E811.54 Pre               It's Halloween, by Jack Prelutsky
E817 Mae                   Halloween howls: riddles that are a scream,
by Giulio Maestro. 


E394.2 Gib                Things to make and do for Halloween, by Gail Gibbons.
394.2646 Tru             Click it! Computer fun Halloween, Lisa Trumbauer
646.4 Cox                  Creature costumes, by M.L. Cox.
731.4 Alk                    Monster masks, by C.J. Alkema.
731.7 Alk                    Masks, by C. J. Alkema.
745.5 Bar                   The scary Halloween costume book, by Carol Barkin.
745.5 Con                   Happy haunting! Halloween costumes you can make.
745.54 Che                 Easy costumes you don't have to sew,by Goldie Taub Chernoff.
745.59 Par                 Let's celebrate, by P. Parish.
745.59 Pum               A pumpkin in a pear tree, by Ann Cole.
E745.594 Ros           Crafts for Halloween, by Kathy Ross.
745.5941 Umn           175 Easy-to-do Halloween crafts, bt S.D. Umnik.




Hang-Up (book with cassette)

49 Large         The trip, by Ezra Jack Keats
133 Large       Clifford's Halloween, by Norman Bridwell.
134 Large       Arthur's Halloween, by Marc Brown.
136 Large       Ghost's hour, spook's hour, by Eve Bunting.
163 Large       By the light of the Halloween moon, by Caroline Stutson
79 Small         Nate the great and the Halloween hunt, by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat.
128 Small        The monster ring, by Bruce Coville.