The Giant Baby
Allan Ahlberg F Ahl

Fudge-a-Mania (also Superfudge & Double Fudge)
Judy Blume F, PE Blu

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Judy Blume F, PE Blu

Flat Stanley (series)
Jeff Brown, F, PE Bro

Nasty, Stinky Sneakers

Eve Bunting F Bun

Henry and Ribsy; Ramona series
Beverley Cleary F, PE Cle

Dear Mom, Get Me Out of Here!
Ellen Conford F Con

Jenny Archer series
Ellen Conford F Con

The Magic Finger, The Twits, Fantastic Mr Fox
Roald Dahl, PE Dah, F Dah

Horace Splattly (series)
Lawrence David  PE Dav

Hank the Cowdog series
John R Erickson, PE Eri

The Great Bain (series)
John D. Fitzgerald F, PE Fit

McBroom series
Sid Fleischman, F Fle

It Happened in Chelm
Florence B. Freedom F Fre

Jack on the Tracks; Heads or Tails (The Jack Books)
Jack Gantos F, PE Gan

My Life Among the Aliens

Gail Gauthier F Gau

Misery guts; Worry worts
Morris Gleitzman,  F Gle

Odds on Oliver
Constance C. Greene F Gre

Ali Baba Bernstein, (series)
Johanna Hurwitz F, PE Hur

Horrible Harry series
Suzy Kline, F, PE Kli

The Chicken Doesn't Skate; Something Fishy at MacDonald Hall; The Toilet Paper Tigers
Gordon Korman F, PE Kor

The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
Astrid Lindgren F, PE Lin

See You Around, Sam!
Lois Lowry F Low

The Great Piratical Rumbustification & The Librarian and the Robbers; Raging Robots & Unruly Uncles
Margaret Mahy F Mah

It's New, It's Improved, It's Terrible!
Stephen Manes PE Man

The Schernoff Discoveries
Gary Paulsen F Pau

Skinnybones (series)
Barbara Park F, PE Par

The Kid in the Red Jacket
Barbara Park F, PE Par

Soup (series)
Robert Newton Peck F Pec

Captain Underpants series
Dav Pilkey, F, PE Pil

Fat Camp Commandos series
Daniel Manus Pinkwater,  F, PE Pin

The Worst Best School Year Ever
Barbara Robinson F Rob

How to Eat Fried Worms
Thomas Rockwell, F Roc

Wayside School series
Louis Sachar PE Sac

Time Warp Trio Series
Jon Scieszka F Sci

It's Not Easy Being George
Janice Lee Smith F Smi

Funny Stories (short stories)
Chosen by Michael Rosen SC Fun

The Roald Dahl Treasury
Roald Dahl SC Dah

Bubble Trouble (short stories)
Margaret Mahy SC Mah

The Random House Book of Humor for Children
(short stories)

Sel. By Pamela Pollack SC Ran

A Pocketful of Laughs (stories, poems, jokes)
Comp. By Joanna Cole 810.8 Poc