The cat who wished to be a man

Lloyd Alexander F Ale


Magic in the air

Phyllis Arkle F Ark


The adventures of King Midas

Lynne Reid Banks F Ban


The Indian in the Cupboard (series)

Lynne Reid Banks F, PE Ban


The house with a clock in its wall

John Bellairs F Bel


Devil's donkey

Bill Brittain F Bri


The wish giver

Bill Brittain F Bri


The riddle of changewater pond

Margaret C. Cooper F Coo


The lemonade trick

Scott Corbett PE Cor


Jennifer Murdley's toad

Bruce Coville PE Cov


Esio Trot

Roald Dahl F, PE Dah


The magic finger

Roald Dahl F, PE Dah


A Mom by magic

Barbara Dillon F Dil


Magic by the lake

Edward Eager F Eag


Seven day magic

Edward Eager F Eag


The maze

Peni R Griffin F Gri


Penelope's pendant

Douglas Hill F Hil


Anastasia Morningstar

Hazel Hutchins F Hut


The Queen's nose

Dick King-Smith F, PE Kin


The girl with green ears

Margaret Mahy SC Mah


The twenty-four hour genie

Lila Sprague McGinnis F McG


Orchard of the crescent man

Jenny Nimmo PE Nim


The snow spider

Jenny Nimmo F, PE Nim


The magic skateboard

Enid Riche-Mont F Ric


The genie of Sutton Place

George Seldon F Sel


The eyes of Kid Midas

Neal Shusterman F, PE Shu


Black and blue magic

Zilpha Keatley Snyder F, PE Sny


The headless cupid

Zilpha Keatley Snyder F, PE Sny


The cuckoo clock

Mary Stolz F Sto


The summer I shrank my Grandmother

Elvira Woodruff F Woo