Movies Made into Books




Call #

Anastasia Adapted by Cathy East Dubowski  PE Dub
  The Amazing Panda Adventure
Adapted by Todd Strasser 
PE Str
  Apollo 13 (jnr novel)
Adapted by Dina Anastasio 
PE Ana
  Babe: The Gallant Pig
Dick King-Smith 
PE Kin
  Batman Forever
Adapted by Peter David 
PE Dav
  Batman Forever
Adapted by Alan Grant 
PE Gra
  Batman Returns
Adapted by Craig Shaw Gardner 
PE Gar
Adapted by Robert Tine 
PE Tin
  Beethoven's 2nd
Adapted by Robert Tine 
PE Tin
  A Bug's Life
Adapted by Justine Korman 
PE Bug
Adapted by Leslie McGuire 
  Chicken Run
Adapted by Ellen Weiss 
PE Wei
  D3: the Mighty Ducks
Adapted by Jonathan Schmidt 
PE Sch
  Dances With Wolves
Adapted by James Howe 
  Dennis the Menace
Adapted by Jordon Horowitz 
PE Hor
Adapted by Scott Sorrentino
PE Sor
  The Dinosaurs of the Lost World
Adapted Jennifer Dussling 
ER Dus
  Dumb and Dumber 
Adapted by Madeline Dorr 
PE Dor
  Flubber, My Story
Adapted by Vanessa Elder 
PE Dis
Free Willy
Adapted by Jordon Horowitz 
PE Hor
  Free Willy 2
Adapted by Todd Strasser 
PE Str
  Curious George the movie
Zoehfeld, Kathleen
PE Zoe
  Home Alone 
Adapted bt Todd Strasser 
PE Str
  Home Alone 3
Adapted by Nancy Krulik 
PE Kru
  How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Adapted by Louise Gikow 
E Seu
Adapted by Beth Nadler 
PE Nad
  Jack Frost
Adapted Jennifer Baker 
PE Bak
  Jingle all the Way
Adapted by David Weiss 
PE Wei
  Jurassic Park (jnr novel)
Michael Crichton 
PE Cri
  The Incredibles
Trimble, Irene
PE Tri
  The legend of Zorro
Ciencin, Scott
PE Cie
Krulik, Nancy E
PE Kru
  Lost World 
Adapted by Gail Herman 
PE Cri
  Men in Black II
Adapted by Michael Teitelbaum 
PE Tei
  Monkey Trouble
Adapted by Ellen Leroe 
PE Ler
  My Girl
Adapted by Patricia Hermes 
PE Her
  Neverending Story
Michael Ende 
PE End
  The Next Karate Kid
Adapted by B.B. Hiller 
PE Hil
  101 Dalmations
Adapted by Ann Braybrooks 
PE Dis
Adapted by Gina Ingoglin 
PE Dis
  Richie Rich
Adapted by Nancy E. Krulik 
E Kru
  Rookie of the Year
Adapted by Todd Strasser 
PE Str
  The Sandlot
Alison Hendrie 
PE Hen
  Space Jam
Adapted by Francine Hughes 
PE Hug
  Star Wars 
George Lucas 
PE Luc
  Surf Ninjas
Adapted by A.L. Singer 
PE Sin
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Adapted by B.B. Hiller 
PE Hil
  The Wizard of Oz Movie storybook
  E Wiz
  Shrek 2 McCann, Jesse Leon PE Shr
  Zathura Weiss, Ellen PE Wei
  The Chonicles of Narnia Lewis, C. S F Lew
  The Lord of the Rings Tolkien, J. R. R F, PE Tol
  Lewis, C. S F Lew