Recommened Reading RP and 1E(ESL1)

The following books have been recommended by librarians and teachers for students in RP and 1E (ESL 1) who are starting to develop reading skills. The list includes alphabet, rhyming stories and simple stories for children starting to read words and sentences. It is by no means exhaustive and is meant as a guide only for students and parents.

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Clifford's Word Book
Clifford the big red dog and Emily present a pictorial dictionary of their surroundings and activities.
Norman Bridwell BR Bri
Bug in a rug: reading fun for just-beginners
Includes simple stories and poems, labeled pictures, and rebuses to help young children discover the pleasure of reading.
Joanne Cole 

BR Col

  The cow is mooing anyhow
An influx of rowdy animals representing the letters of the alphabet disrupts a peaceful breakfast.
Laura Geringer

BR Ger


The dragon ABC hunt 
Ten little dragons try to find an object for each letter of the alphabet.

Loreen Leedy

BR Lee
E Lee

The letters of the alphabet are transformed and incorporated into twenty-six illustrations, so that the hole in "b" becomes a balloon and "y" turns into the head of a yak.

Suse MacDonald  BR McD

Dr Seuss's ABC
Colorful illustrations help demonstrate the sound of each letter in the alphabet.

Dr Seuss


BR Seu
E Seu,  AE Seu

B is for Bulldozer: a Construction ABC

As children watch over the course of a year, builders construct a rollercoaster using tools and materials that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

June Sobel BR Sob

My First Word Book

More than 1000 words are introduced by labeled pictures grouped topically under clothes, home, food, playtime, the country, colors, and other familiar things and places.

Jane Feder


E 423 Wil

Arthur's really helpful word book
Uses labeled illustrations and brief text showing Arthur and his family and friends at the zoo, in the snow, in the kitchen, at Grandpa's farm, and in other settings to present vocabulary words.

Marc Brown 
E 428 Bro
  Just one more
Labeled pairs of illustrations explore the plural forms of irregular nouns such as child/children, goose/geese, and leaf/leaves.
Michelle Koch E 428.1 Koc

Big, small, short, tall
A variety of performing animals introduce thirteen pairs of opposites such as first-last, hot-cold, and up-down.

Loreen Leedy E 428.1 Lee 
  Hide and snake
A brightly colored snake challenges readers to a game of hide and seek as he hides among familiar objects.
Keith Baker BR Bak
Goodnight moon
A little bunny says goodnight to all the familiar things in his room. A great end of day story.
Margaret Wise Brown 

BR Bro

E Bro

I like books
Willy the chimp declares his love for all kinds of books, from funny books and scary books to song books and strange books.
Anthony Browne 

BR Bro


I can read more (and other Stories by Dick Bruna)
Brief text and illustrations introduce familiar words such as clock, bed, and flower.

Dick Bruna

BR Bru

A rhyming storybook that introduces readers to all kinds of wheels, from plane wheels and train wheels to gear wheels and rear wheels.

Annie Cobb BR Cob

A surprise is in store as three children prepare breakfast in bed for their mother.

Jane Fine BR Fin

Jen the hen; Mig the Pig
Fun, rhyming stories about a hen a pig and their friends.

Colin Hawkins BR Haw
Spot series
Lift the flap fun with Spot the dog.
Eric Hill 


BR Hil

Goodnight owl!
Owl was trying to sleep, but all the animals were making too much noise. However, as night time falls, the noisy animals get a surprise!

Pat Hutchins  BR Hut
E Hut

Rosie's Walk
Although unaware that a fox is after her as she takes a walk around the farmyard, Rosie the hen still manages to lead him into one accident after another.

Pat Hutchins BR Hut AE Hut
Ladybird Start Reading series (level 1)
This series introduces reading vocabulary and progresses from two words on a page to a simple sentence on each page. The pictures also provide clues to the words.
  BR Lad

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a mother looking at them.

Bill Martin Jr.  BR Mar

Polar bear, Polar bear, what do you hear?

Zoo animals from polar bear to walrus make their distinctive sounds for each other, while children imitate the sounds for the zookeeper.

Bill Martin Jr. E Mar
BR Mar

Miss Bindergarten gets ready for kindergarten
Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for kindergarten.

Joseph Slate  E Sla

Boom! Zoom!
Ray blasts off into space, where he crash lands on a strange planet and must escape from an alien being. Includes related phonics activities.

Judith Bauer Stamper

ER Sta


Mouse count
Ten mice outsmart a hungry snake.

Ellen Stoll Walsh


E Wal

Mouse paint

Three white mice discover jars of red, blue, and yellow paint and explore the world of color.

Ellen Stoll Walsh


BR Wal
E Wal

Cookie's Week
Cookie the cat gets into a different kind of mischief every day of the week.

Rosemary Wells Books
These highly imaginative stories are loved by millions of young children and are perfect first books.

Rosemary Wells E Wel
AE Wel
Arthur (series)
Read all about this famous aardvark and the fun and adventures he has with his friends and family.
Marc Brown E Bro
AE Bro
ER Bro
Eric Carle Books
Take some time to enjoy these timeless stories with wonderful illustrations.
Eric Carle

E Car

Listen to the rain
Describes the changing sounds of the rain, the slow soft sprinkle, the drip-drop tinkle, the sounding pounding roaring rain, and the fresh wet silent after-time of rain.
Bill Martin Jr.  

E Mar


Curious George (series)
Read all about the adventures of this famous curious monkey!

H.A. & Margret Rey

E Rey

Dr. Seuss Books
Great stories for any age!

  E Seu

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